Milos is located in the western Cyclades with a population of 5000. It was colonized in the ancient times and prospered due to its rich mineral wealth in particular the hard black volcanic rock named 'obsidian' was an excellent material for making tools and weapons and gave Milos much prosperity in ancient times. Milos rich volcanic history has given her coastline wonderful colours and interesting rock formations.

Milos geological history can be discovered on a visit to the mining museum in Adamas, also the ancient history of Milos can be seen on a visit to the Ancient Cities of Filakopi and Klima, the Ancient Theatre and Catacombs. The hot springs of Milos at Kanava are known to be therapeutic and frequented by many.

Also Milos' beaches are the finest in the Cyclades group. Milos combines both relaxing and intensive nightlife. Cultural alleys, small chapels, traditional taverns and delicious homemade dishes make your stay memorable.

A small island that can give you great experience in every aspect from dawn till night. We are expecting the visitors to be offered a great time in the island of colors.